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Danielle • Missouri and Kansas 


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Red Cross Pet First Aid Certification

Nash Academy Certified Groomer and Behavior Consultant

Member of the Professional International Association of Canine Professionals

National K9 Certified Trainer


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Source of Inspiration

Danielle was inspired to become a dog trainer by her deep connection with dogs. She believes that dogs have given her everything - they have been her best friend, her favorite vacation, her gateway to education, and her most fulfilling purpose in life. Her deep connection with dogs has forged an unbreakable bond, motivating her to dedicate her career to their well-being.

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Professional Experience

Danielle boasts an impressive array of professional achievements in the world of dog training. As a two-time Canine Biathlon Finisher and a Professional Dog Show Photographer and Handler. With her Red Cross Pet First Aid Certification, she ensures the safety and health of dogs under her care. As an active member of the Professional International Association of Canine Professionals, Danielle stays at the forefront of industry best practices. Her qualifications also include being a Nash Academy Certified Groomer and Behavior Consultant, reflecting her comprehensive approach to dog care. Furthermore, she is a National K9 Certified Trainer, specializing in Service Dog Training and Handling, and is adept at Therapy Dog Training. Danielle's tireless dedication to her role as a canine enthusiast shines through her numerous accomplishments.

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Unleashing Expertise

Among the various aspects of dog training, Danielle's heart lies in working with fearful and anxious dogs. She recognizes the challenges these dogs face because she has personally experienced moments of fear and anxiety in her own life. It is this empathy and understanding that drive her to excel in helping these dogs overcome their difficulties. She believes that, just as dogs have enriched her life despite her own struggles, she can make a difference in the lives of fearful and anxious dogs by offering them the care and support they need.

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Future Forecast

In the next 5 years, Danielle envisions herself continuing her work in dog training, always striving to learn and grow. Her ultimate goal is to become the best trainer and friend to dogs and their owners, making a lasting difference in people's lives one dog at a time.


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