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Eddie • Florida

eddie Wag Mates Academy - dog Trainer

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Source of Inspiration

Eddie's journey into dog training began with the joy and challenges of raising his first puppy. As he learned to train his own canine companion, he found fulfillment in applying techniques and witnessing positive outcomes. Inspired by this experience, Ed pursued formal education and mentorship to become a professional dog trainer, driven by his desire to help others build meaningful connections with their pets.

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Professional Experience

Eddie specializes in positive reinforcement and behavior modification, techniques he has honed through practical experience and formal education. He has completed an online course with STS K9, furthering his understanding of canine behavior and training methodologies.

values Wag Mates Academy - dog Trainer
Unleashing Expertise

Eddie focuses on both positive reinforcement and behavior modification in his training approach. His goal is to educate dog owners on the importance of providing a balanced and purposeful life for their energetic companions, enriching both the dogs' lives and the bond between them and their owners.

values Wag Mates Academy - dog Trainer
Future Forecast

In five years, Eddie envisions himself as the owner of multiple successful businesses, with a significant focus on his passion for dog training. He plans to prioritize spending quality time with his daughter, cherishing the joys of fatherhood while pursuing his professional ambitions. Parenthood has fueled Ed's drive to excel in all aspects of his life, balancing his entrepreneurial endeavors with being a supportive and loving father.


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