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Emma • Pennsylvania

Emma Wag Mates Academy

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Source of Inspiration

From the earliest stages of her life, Emma harbored an unwavering certainty that dogs would be a central part of her future. However, the pivotal moment arrived when she welcomed her first canine companion. It was then that Emma realized her true calling—to become a dog trainer. Transforming into an unstoppable force as a determined young girl, she set her sights on a colossal dream.

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Professional Experience

Emma's journey into dog training began with training any dog she came across, evolving from familiar pets to friends of friends and beyond. After graduating from high school, Emma took a proactive step by shadowing experienced dog trainers, soaking in as much knowledge as possible. This marked the beginning of her professional training career, which has spanned three years. While every aspect of dog training holds a special place in her heart, obedience training has consistently been Emma's favorite.

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Unleashing Expertise

Obedience training has been the focal point of Emma's passion. Her love for shaping well-behaved and disciplined canine companions has been a driving force in her career. Despite the myriad aspects of dog training, Emma finds unparalleled satisfaction in fostering obedience, laying the groundwork for harmonious relationships between dogs and their owners.

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Future Forecast

Looking forward, Emma envisions an ongoing commitment to education in dog training and behavior. She plans to pursue certifications to deepen her understanding and expertise in the field. Emma's dedication to continuous learning reflects her ambition to refine her skills and contribute to the well-being of dogs and their owners through informed and effective training practices.


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