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Erin • California

erin Wag Mates Academy - dog Trainer

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Source of Inspiration

Erin's journey as a dog trainer was fueled by her lifelong passion for canines. Growing up surrounded by dogs, she gained valuable experience raising various bully breeds within her family. Her career started by managing a doggie daycare, where she honed her skills in handling large packs of dogs and building client relations.

However, it was when Erin and her partner established a dog walking business that her passion for dog training truly blossomed. Working with dogs in this capacity allowed her to discover her favorite aspect of the job: training. This realization brought her immense joy as she could provide valuable services to both the dogs in her care and their owners.

Through training, Erin found purpose in helping dogs stay in loving homes by imparting essential skills and ensuring they received the right exercise and care. This experience cemented her path as a dedicated and compassionate dog trainer, making her certain she had found her true calling in the canine world.

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Unleashing Expertise

Erin demonstrates proficiency and interest in a wide array of dog training techniques. With her vast experience, she feels well-versed in most areas of training. Whether it's puppy training, the crate method, addressing separation anxiety, handling dog aggression, people aggression, leash reactivity, or facilitating pack integration, Erin's diverse skill set allows her to approach each aspect of training with confidence and expertise.

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Future Forecast

In five years, Erin envisions herself having obtained various certifications in the dog training field, reflecting her commitment to professional growth and development. With a strong focus on continuous improvement, she aims to become an even more seasoned and experienced dog trainer. Through her dedication to ongoing education and honing her skills, Erin aspires to offer an even higher level of expertise and quality service to the dogs she trains and the clients she serves.


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