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Julia • South Carolina


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Source of Inspiration

Julia's inspiration to become a dog trainer stemmed from her early experiences working with a variety of animals. Starting her career by training dolphins and later showing horses, Julia developed a deep fascination with animal behavior. Her interest in dog training was particularly sparked when she collaborated with police teams on search and rescue missions and protection work. These experiences demonstrated to her the profound impact that effective training can have on both animals and their handlers. Julia's dedication to enhancing the bond between dogs and their owners, coupled with her desire to make a positive difference in the lives of pets and their families, solidified her commitment to a career in dog training.

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Professional Experience

Julia brings a wealth of professional experience to her role as a dog trainer and behaviorist. She holds a PhD in Acupuncture and a minor in Psychology, which she integrates into her training methodology. Julia continued her professional development by taking specialized classes and mentoring under well-known trainers. After college, she moved to Northern California, where she worked at and eventually took over a full-service dog facility. Under her leadership, the business flourished, earning accolades for its excellent dog behaviorist services, boarding center, and store. Julia's dedication to ongoing education and hands-on experience has solidified her reputation as an expert in dog behavioral issues.

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Unleashing Expertise

Julia has a deep interest and extensive experience in addressing dog behavioral issues. Her training approach is heavily influenced by her background in psychology and acupuncture, allowing her to understand and modify canine behavior effectively. Julia excels in helping dogs with behavioral challenges such as anxiety, aggression, and reactivity. She is passionate about educating pet owners on how to communicate effectively with their dogs, fostering a mutual understanding that enhances the human-canine bond. Julia's experience also includes working with police dogs on search and rescue missions and protection work, adding a unique dimension to her expertise.

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Future Forecast

In five years, Julia envisions herself as a prominent advocate in the Myrtle Beach community, dedicated to keeping pets out of rescues and in permanent homes. She aims to achieve this by educating pet owners on effective communication and behavioral management techniques. Julia plans to continue expanding her dog training and behaviorist services, reaching a broader audience and making a significant impact on the lives of dogs and their families. Her goal is to create a community where pet owners are well-informed and equipped to handle their dogs' behavioral issues, ensuring a harmonious and lasting relationship with their furry companions.


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