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Kaleb • Texas


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Source of Inspiration

Kaleb's journey into dog training commenced at the age of 14 when his mom's best friend introduced him to the world of working line German Shepherds, specifically trained as personal protection dogs. Watching the training sessions of this remarkable canine sparked a fascination for Kaleb, igniting his desire to master the art of dog training. Since then, he has consistently worked with family and friends' dogs, laying the foundation for a future in professional dog training.

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Professional Experience

With seven years of dedicated experience, Kaleb has actively honed his skills in the field. His commitment to continuous learning led him to mentor under some of the top trainers in his area. Currently, Kaleb runs a successful board and train program from his home, where he specializes in training dogs for various purposes. This includes behavior modification, basic and advanced obedience, as well as personal protection and sport work. Kaleb's wealth of experience positions him as a versatile and knowledgeable trainer.

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Unleashing Expertise

A significant focus of Kaleb's training program revolves around personal protection and sport dogs. He derives immense satisfaction from giving working dogs a sense of purpose through specialized training. Whether it's enhancing a dog's protective instincts or channeling their energy into sport activities, Kaleb is dedicated to ensuring that each working dog under his guidance finds fulfillment in their skills and abilities.

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Future Forecast

Looking ahead, Kaleb envisions significant growth in his dog training venture. In five years, he sees himself with his first facility, equipped to accommodate a higher number of clients than his current setup allows. This vision reflects Kaleb's ambition to expand his reach and offer his expertise to a broader community of dog owners. As he continues to advance in the field, Kaleb aims to create a training hub that caters to a diverse range of clients and their canine companions.


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