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Kenneth • California


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 K9 Explosives Handler


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Source of Inspiration

Raised with dogs throughout his life, Kenneth discovered a natural affinity for animals. Witnessing the joy and magic of the dog training experience, he was inspired to turn his passion into a profession. Fueled by his innate connection with animals and a preference for canine company over human interaction, Kenneth dived headfirst into the industry, laying the foundation for a career that brings him genuine happiness.

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Professional Experience

With an impressive nine years of dog training under his belt, Kenneth's expertise spans various realms. He has undertaken a dual-purpose narcotic handlers course, basic obedience courses, and delved into socialization and behavioral modification. Drawing on his love for animals, Kenneth also dedicated his time to volunteering at local shelters. His commitment to continuous learning led him to a two-month stint studying dog physiology and psychology during the past summer. Certified as an explosive K9 handler, Kenneth's training approach centers around positive reinforcement, ensuring a well-rounded and humane approach to dog training.

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Unleashing Expertise

Kenneth, an advocate of positive reinforcement, has highly advanced skills in obedience training. He specializes in dual-purpose training, integrating narcotic detection capabilities into his repertoire. With a keen understanding of dog physiology and psychology, Kenneth approaches training in a holistic manner, ensuring a positive and effective learning experience for the dogs under his care.

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Future Forecast

Looking ahead, Kenneth envisions significant growth and impact on the community. In five years, he plans to acquire 200 acres of land to build one of the best doggy daycares and training facilities. His ambitious goal extends beyond local boundaries, aiming to grow and expand his influence, reaching every state. Kenneth aspires to project positive energy and exemplary training practices, with a long-term vision of hosting charity events to aid stray dogs in the community. His dream encompasses not just a thriving business but a legacy of positive contributions to the well-being of dogs and their communities.


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