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Source of Inspiration

Krista's journey into dog training was sparked by the allure of service dog training, driven by its purposeful intention and the profound impact it could have on individuals' lives. Working closely with veterans suffering from PTSD, Krista found solace and healing alongside them, witnessing firsthand the transformative power of dogs. Motivated by her personal experiences and the opportunity to make a difference, Krista was inspired to dedicate herself to the field of dog training, particularly in service of those who have served their country.

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Professional Experience

With over 15 years of professional experience in training both service and pet dogs, Krista has established herself as a subject matter expert in dog behavior. Her specialization lies in addressing aggression, dog social behavior, and reactivity, drawing from her diverse background working with animals at Sea World, Joel Slaven's Professional Animals, and Marineland. Krista's tenure at a shelter setting allowed her to excel in rehabilitating extreme behavioral cases, finding loving homes for previously deemed "unadoptable" dogs. Her recent role as a remote trainer for Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs further honed her skills in breeding and training purpose-bred German Shepherds for service dog work.

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Unleashing Expertise

Krista's wealth of experience encompasses behavior modification for common concerns like barking, leash pulling, and anxiety, as well as training service dogs in obedience and task commands. She possesses a particular affinity for working with reportedly or actually aggressive dogs, relishing the challenge of transforming their behavior. Task behaviors stand out as Krista's favorite to train, offering complexity and enjoyment in equal measure. Her dynamic approach to dog training ensures that each day brings new opportunities for learning and growth, fostering a deep appreciation for the unique nature of every canine client.

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Future Forecast

Looking ahead, Krista envisions a future where her passion for dog training continues to flourish. She aims to establish consistency in her board and train programs while also exploring new avenues of training that pique her interest. With a long-standing aspiration to train working dogs for government and military purposes, Krista is committed to expanding her expertise and making meaningful contributions to the field of canine training in the years to come.


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