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Source of Inspiration

Lily's journey in dog training began with her childhood companion, Mochi. Despite knowing a few tricks, Mochi struggled to exist comfortably in society due to a lack of a solid foundation for success. Lily's dedication to managing and helping Mochi through her challenges ignited a passion for canine behavior, prompting her to extensively study canine behavior books.

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Professional Experience

Lily's training programs center around building a strong relationship and communication between handlers and dogs. Emphasizing collaboration over what the dog can do for the handler, Lily brings a unique approach to address behavioral issues, specializing in working with reactive dogs, puppies, and those lacking overall manners. Rooted in identifying the cause of reactions, Lily prioritizes handler engagement and neutrality in new environments.

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Unleashing Expertise

Lily has contributed her expertise by working and volunteering with rescues, aiding dogs in developing a solid foundation for their forever homes. Her experience includes addressing overstimulation and reactivity in dogs. Additionally, Lily has collaborated closely with trainers specializing in high-level competition dogs and has been involved in teaching and assisting in group classes over the past 3 years.

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Future Forecast

Lily's philosophy revolves around continuous learning, bringing an open mindset to every dog she works with. Through positive reinforcement methods, she strives to teach dogs how to happily participate in urban lives, promoting harmony between pets and their human companions. Looking towards the future, Lily envisions a lifelong commitment to rehabilitating dogs and competing with her personal dog. Her overarching goal is to expand her reach, positively impacting more people's lives through her expertise and dedication to creating strong human-canine bonds.


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