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Bachelors of Science in Psychology



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Source of Inspiration

Lydia had a passion for dogs her entire life. As a child, she was responsible for training their family dogs and always believed in their incredible learning capabilities. Her biggest inspiration was witnessing her own pet dog, Reina, acting as an emotional support dog for her father before he passed away from cancer. This experience set her on a path towards therapy dog and service dog training, which she considers the best decision of her life.

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Professional Experience

Lydia embarked on her journey into dog training while pursuing her Bachelors of Science in Psychology, where she utilized dog training as a means to apply psychological concepts. She then gained valuable experience by interning with a CPDT-KA trainer for two years before earning her own CPDT-KA certification in 2016. Subsequently, she established her own training business, with a focus on helping pet dog handlers #LearnToSpeakDog and understand the world from their dog's perspective, facilitating better communication.

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Unleashing Expertise

Over the years, Lydia has worked extensively with various aspects of dog training, including reactivity, behavior modification, obedience, therapy, service dog training, and more. Her primary interests lie in helping fearful dogs build trust with their handlers to achieve a more peaceful emotional state. Additionally, she is dedicated to training service dogs for individuals with disabilities, aiming to enhance their quality of life through their canine companions. Lydia believes in the significance of private one-on-one training to determine the best approach for each dog, as well as group classes to aid in socialization, generalization, and community building.

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Future Forecast

In five years, Lydia envisions herself as a graduate with a degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She plans to utilize her degree to connect mental health patients with specialized service dogs, improving their overall quality of life through the support of these canine partners.


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