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Source of Inspiration

Motivated by a deep love for dogs and a commitment to fostering harmony between pets and society, Mitcher embarked on the journey to become a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Trainer. The aspiration is to create well-mannered dogs that seamlessly integrate into the fabric of community life.

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Professional Experience

Boasting a rich professional history spanning over 15 years, Mitcher's expertise as a certified AKC Trainer is marked by a consistent record of success. This includes a diverse portfolio of experiences working with dogs of various breeds and ages, all underpinned by a commitment to positive reinforcement and a comprehensive understanding of effective training methodologies.

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Unleashing Expertise

Mitcher's passion lies in achieving training milestones and rectifying behavioral challenges in dogs, utilizing a holistic approach that incorporates positive reinforcement and diverse training techniques. Beyond obedience, Mitcher's expertise extends to encompassing knowledge about proper nutrition, diet, and exercise, ensuring the overall well-being of furry companions.

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Future Forecast

Looking ahead, Mitcher envisions a continued dedication to the unique needs of both dogs and their owners. The goal is to deepen the positive impact on the canine community, contributing to the long-term happiness and fulfillment of pets and their human companions.


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