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Source of Inspiration

Raul Martinez found his calling in dog training through a unique path that started with herding livestock. Upon relocating to LA county, he transitioned into working with dogs in daycares and shelters. It was here that he witnessed the unfortunate fate of many dogs facing surrender or euthanasia due to aggression. This poignant experience became the catalyst for Raul's dedication to training dogs, particularly focusing on making aggressive dogs more obedient and social. His mission is rooted in giving these dogs a chance to thrive in their homes with their families.

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Professional Experience

With over a decade of professional experience, Raul has been actively training dogs for more than 10 years. His expertise encompasses a variety of dog training services, including puppy training and obedience training. Specializing in the crucial task of socializing aggressive dogs, Raul brings a wealth of practical knowledge gained from working in diverse environments, from herding livestock to the dynamic settings of dog daycares and shelters. This comprehensive background positions him as a seasoned trainer with a deep understanding of canine behavior.

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Unleashing Expertise

Raul's specialization lies in making aggressive dogs more social, a task that goes beyond traditional obedience training. His approach is driven by a desire to address the root causes of aggression, providing dogs with the skills to be obedient and sociable. By focusing on rehabilitating dogs that might otherwise face dire consequences, Raul contributes to creating positive outcomes for both the dogs and their families.

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Future Forecast

Looking ahead, Raul expresses a commitment to continue training dogs for as long as possible. His dedication extends beyond a profession to a genuine passion for making a positive impact in the lives of dogs and their families. With a decade of experience as a foundation, Raul envisions a future where he continues to play a crucial role in transforming the lives of dogs, ensuring they have the opportunity to thrive in loving homes.


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