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Source of Inspiration

Rebecca's journey into animal behavior and dog training was sparked by her profound love for animals and her fascination with science. Driven by these passions, she delved into the field of ethology and animal behavior, recognizing the immense potential to make a positive impact on the lives of both animals and their human companions.

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Professional Experience

With 11 years of experience in animal care and various dog breeds, Rebecca embarked on a transformative training journey at Catch Canine Academy. There, she completed the Master's class in animal behavior, mastering positive reinforcement techniques alongside comprehensive knowledge in dog psychology, behavior modification, enrichment, and puppy development. Scheduled to receive her CCPDT-KA certificate, Rebecca is committed to advancing her expertise and ensuring the highest standards of care and training for her clients.

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Unleashing Expertise

Rebecca's diverse background encompasses grooming, animal care, kennel tech, and even zoo work as an animal technician. Her specialization lies in nurturing confident, happy, and well-adjusted dogs through positive reinforcement training methods. With a keen interest in search and rescue work, she aspires to expand her expertise in this area, leveraging her skills to make a meaningful difference in the lives of both animals and their human companions.

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Future Forecast

Looking ahead, Rebecca envisions a future filled with continued growth and impact. In the next five years, she sees herself passionately working as an animal behaviorist, dedicating more time to volunteer efforts aimed at inspiring communities to embrace and appreciate local wildlife while fostering strong bonds with their pets. Through her global volunteer work and educational initiatives, Rebecca aims to spread awareness and understanding of the fascinating world of animal behavior, leaving a lasting legacy of compassion and advocacy.


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