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Ria • New Jersey

Ria Wag Mates Academy - dog Trainer

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Source of Inspiration

Ria's journey into professional dog training was sparked by a life-changing disability diagnosis in 2016. Upon the suggestion of a doctor, she embarked on the path of acquiring a service dog, leading her to a local shelter where she adopted a dog with significant behavioral challenges. Through the process of training her own service dog and rehabilitating the shelter dog, Ria discovered her passion for positive dog training methods and the transformative power of building strong relationships between dogs and their owners.

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Professional Experience

Ria's dedication to professional dog training led her to pursue certification with the Animal Behavior College (ABC), where she gained comprehensive training in positive reinforcement techniques. Additionally, she completed her externship in a positive-only daycare setting, further enhancing her skills in creating a positive and enriching environment for dogs. Ria's specialization lies in working with puppies and their owners to establish a solid foundation of skills from the outset, while also excelling in training fearful and small dogs. Her commitment to ongoing education is evident in her desire to acquire additional certifications, particularly in the areas of separation anxiety and service dog training.

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Unleashing Expertise

Ria's expertise in dog training is rooted in her hands-on experience and dedication to understanding canine behavior. Through her work with various dog trainers and in daycare settings, she gained valuable insights into dog body language and communication. Ria's approach to training emphasizes positivity and compassion, creating an environment where dogs feel safe to learn and grow. Her ability to connect with dogs on an emotional level enables her to tailor training methods to suit individual needs, whether it be building confidence in fearful dogs or instilling basic obedience in puppies.

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Future Forecast

In the next five years, Ria envisions herself as a successful and integral part of the dog training community, with a focus on expanding her expertise and services. She aims to board more dogs, providing them with a nurturing and supportive environment while their owners are away. Additionally, Ria plans to pursue further certifications, particularly in the specialized areas of training for separation anxiety and service dogs. With her passion for positive reinforcement training and dedication to ongoing learning, Ria is poised to make a significant impact in the lives of dogs and their owners.

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