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Puppy training Wag Mates Academy


Got a mini troublemaker who needs some serious training? Give your puppy a good start with our Basic Puppy Wag, tail-waggingly perfect for puppies!

How it works

Give your puppy a great start with Wag Mates Academy's Basic Puppy Wag program. Our expert trainers provide early socialization and basic obedience training in a comfortable home environment using positive reinforcement techniques. This ensures a stress-free learning experience and lasting good behavior, helping your puppy become a well-behaved and social companion. Sign up now to give your furry friend the gift of a lifetime!


Get started with a Complimentary Consultation

Book a call with one of our expert pet consultants to determine the optimal solution for your specific requirements. We provide 2-6 week programs ranging from puppy obedience to adult aggression and anxiety reprogramming.

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Board, Play &
Train for Dogs

Your furry companion will stay with our exceptionally skilled trainers and frequently spend time with a couple of other dogs undergoing training. We adopt an individualized behavior-based training approach that emphasizes positivity, persistent learning, and achievement-driven techniques.


Tailored Programs
for Every Dog

Our team of trainers have the expertise required to assist your furry friend in acquiring skills necessary to become a well-mannered and cherished member of your household.

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Stay Updated with Your Dog’s Progress

Rest assured that your dog will be secure, content, and receive exceptional care. We recognize how difficult it can be to be away from your furry friend, which is why we will provide you with daily videos, report cards, and regular updates to keep you informed of their progress.

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Convenient Pick-Up
for Your Pup

After we have agreed on the program and schedule, our trainer will come to your residence to meet you, observe your dog’s daily surroundings, and collect your pet. We ensure to gather their preferred toys, bed, and food for their training stay.

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Prepare for a Well-Behaved Pup

After program completion, ongoing training is essential. While our trainers lay the foundation, lasting change relies on your involvement. When your dog returns home, consistent training is key. We provide lifelong support through follow-up consultations, virtual resources, and more to ensure your continued success!

What can you expect

We understand that dog owners may have questions about our services and how we can help enhance their furry companion's behavior and happiness. Below, you'll find answers to some of the most common inquiries.

What is included

  • Potty training for dogs 16 weeks to 6 months old

  • Introduction to basic house manners, including door manners, inappropriate chewing and barking

  • Dog Socialization

  • Crate Training

Behavioral cues

  • Sit Down Stay (Sit & Down)

  • Loose leash walking

  • Name Game


  • Daily Updates from trainers

  • Digital Resources to help you stay on track

  • Unlimited library resources for clients

Book your program


(855) 924-4999

If you got any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us

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