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Terms and Conditions Policy for Wag Mates LLC
- Dog Training Services


Welcome to Wag Mates, a leading provider of dog training services. By accessing our services, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions set forth in this policy.

Scope of Services
Wag Mates offers dog training services, including but not limited to obedience training, behavior modification, and puppy training. Our services are provided by certified and experienced trainers who are committed to helping you and your dog achieve your training goals.

Client Responsibilities
As a client, you are responsible for providing accurate and up-to-date information about your dog's health, behavior, and training history. You are also responsible for following the training plan provided by our trainers and for practicing the techniques and exercises recommended by our team.

Liability Waiver
By participating in our dog training services, you acknowledge that there are inherent risks associated with working with dogs. You agree to assume all risks and responsibilities associated with the training, and to indemnify and hold Wag Mates, its trainers, and its affiliates harmless from any claims, damages, or liabilities arising from your participation in our services.

Refunds and Cancellations
Clients reserve the right to change their mind for any reason and request to cancel their training program before its commencement. The following conditions apply:
Cancellation less than 14 days before the start date of the training program, no refund will be applicable.

Once a program has begun, clients lose their right of cancellation of the program unless for extenuating circumstances such as severe illness and/or death.Service provider reserves the right to change the start date of any program for the following reasons without refund:

  • Trainer is unable to provide services for any reason and a replacement needs to be found

  • The dog in question does not have their vaccines up to date

  • National and/or company holidays

  • If the dog comes into training and is sick and we have not been made aware of the issue previously

  • If the dog becomes sick during the training program we reserve the right to return dog home and complete training once recovered

  • Providing false or incomplete information about health status and/or vaccination records

  • Withholding information about known behavioral issues such as aggression or anxiety

  • The service provider has 60 days to provide an alternative start date for the program. If the service provider is unable to provide the service promised within those 60 days, the client has the right to a full refund.

Should a program have to be stopped in the middle due to any issue or problem with the trainer, the service provider has 60 days to provide an alternative trainer and date to recommence the program​ without a refund.

Results Disclaimer Clause

Wag Mates Academy does not guarantee specific results from its training programs. While every effort is made to provide comprehensive training and support, the nature of working with living beings, who possess individual traits and free will, means that outcomes may vary. Clients acknowledge and accept that results are influenced by factors beyond the control of Wag Mates Academy, including but not limited to the pet’s temperament, environment, and owner’s commitment to training. However, it’s important to note that Wag Mates Academy is committed to providing lifetime support for our clients, ensuring ongoing assistance and guidance beyond the initial training program.

Intellectual Property Rights
All content and materials provided by Wag Mates, including but not limited to training manuals, instructional videos, and other training resources, are the property of Wag Mates LLC and are protected by copyright laws. You may not copy, distribute, or reproduce any of our content without prior written permission.

We take your privacy seriously and will not disclose any information about you or your dog to third parties without your consent. We may use anonymous data for research and marketing purposes, but will not disclose any identifying information.

Governing Law
This policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of South Dakota. Any disputes arising from your participation in our services shall be resolved through arbitration in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association.

Changes to Policy
We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be posted on our website and will take effect immediately.

Client Responsibility for Damages
Clients are responsible for any damages to equipment or property caused by their dogs during training sessions. If a client's dog damages any equipment or property owned by Wag Mates or its trainers, the client agrees to cover the cost of repair or replacement of the damaged item(s).

By using our services, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms and conditions, and agree to be bound by them. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at:
) 924-4999

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