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Source of Inspiration

Blue's journey into dog training was deeply influenced by her dog Hiccup, who struggled with intense feelings towards other dogs. Hiccup's challenges prompted Blue to view the world from their perspective, sparking a profound interest in canine behavior. Blue credits Hiccup for igniting her passion for behavior and inspiring her to delve deeper into understanding and addressing dogs' emotional needs.

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Professional Experience

With a lifetime of experience in the animal care field, Blue has been professionally training dogs for over a decade. As a Canine Good Citizen evaluator, they hold expertise in assessing dogs' temperament and behavior. Blue's specialization lies in addressing reactivity, a field that initially drew them into their career and continues to be a focal point. They are dedicated to helping dogs overcome reactivity issues and fostering positive interactions with their environment.

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Unleashing Expertise

Blue's training expertise encompasses a wide range of skills, from foundational puppy training to addressing severe behavior issues. They have a particular interest in working with reactive dogs and preventing reactivity in young dogs. Additionally, Blue has a passion for the sport of Dock Diving and enjoys teaching dogs how to swim—an essential life skill, especially in Texas, where pools are abundant. Their multifaceted approach to training reflects their commitment to providing comprehensive support for dogs and their owners.

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Future Forecast

In the next five years, Blue envisions realizing her dream of opening a school for dog trainers. Recognizing the need for consistency and quality education in the field, she aims to provide aspiring trainers with a firm foundation to pursue their passion for dog training. Blue's goal is to empower future trainers to make a positive impact in the lives of dogs and their owners, ensuring that they receive the support and guidance they need to succeed. Through her dedication to education and mentorship, Blue hopes to contribute to the growth and development of the dog training community, ultimately enhancing the well-being of dogs everywhere.


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