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David T. • Massachussets

david Wag Mates Academy Dog Trainer in massachusetts

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David T.


Dog Trainer and Obedience Instructor

PCSA Certified Pet Care Technician Program


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Source of Inspiration

David's journey into dog training was inspired by his parents, both accomplished trainers in their own right. Growing up with a mother who trained show Collies and a father skilled in tracking dogs, David developed a deep passion for canine care and training, setting the stage for a lifelong commitment.

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Professional Experience

With a wealth of professional experience, David has specialized in training service dogs for disabled and deaf individuals. Certified as a Dog Trainer and Obedience Instructor, he has also earned accreditation from the PCSA Certified Pet Care Technician Program. David's training approach revolves around positive reinforcement techniques, ensuring effective training and enduring results.

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Unleashing Expertise

David's expertise lies in various aspects of dog training, with a primary focus on general obedience (manners) and addressing specific behavioral challenges like pulling, jumping, leash reactivity, and door aggression.

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Future Forecast

In the next five years, David envisions further professional growth. Building on his current expertise, he aims to accumulate more experience and expand his toolbox of skills, continuing to make a positive impact in the field of dog training.


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