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Heather • Colorado

heather Wag Mates Academy Dog Trainer in Colorado

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Applied Animal Behavior from the University of Washington

Canine Training and Behavior Specialist from Starmark Academy for Dog Trainers


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Source of Inspiration

Heather's journey into the world of dog training was sparked by her lifelong passion for animals. Her epiphany came when she stumbled upon an encyclopedia of dogs, instantly captivated by the subject. Her appetite for knowledge on dog breeds and behavior led her to devour books and online resources. Recognizing her deep-seated desire to work with dogs, Heather devoted her life to the study of dog behavior and training. Her fascination lies in the intricate nuances of behavior and its transformation, and her focus has remained unwaveringly fixed on all things canine.

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Professional Experience

Heather's professional odyssey spans a decade within the dog industry, starting as a groomer and evolving into a seasoned professional trainer. She fortified her expertise by earning a certificate in Applied Animal Behavior from the University of Washington. Beyond this, Heather ventured into the realm of human behavior modification, serving as a Behavior Technician for children with developmental delays. This unique experience granted her a distinctive perspective on behavior modification, bridging the worlds of dogs and their owners. Pursuing further education, she pursued a Bachelor's degree with highest honors in Applied Behavior Analysis from Purdue University, affording her invaluable insights into the mechanics of behavior and its modification, applicable to both humans and dogs. Following her college graduation, Heather attended Starmark Academy for Dog Trainers, earning a certificate as a Canine Training and Behavior Specialist. Heather's insatiable thirst for knowledge continues to deepen her love for dogs.

Wag Mates Academy Dog Trainer
Unleashing Expertise

Heather's engagement in dog training is marked by her versatility, encompassing a wide spectrum of canine activities, from advanced obedience to various sports. While she boasts considerable experience in obedience training, Heather enthusiastically participates in multiple dog sports with her three beloved canine companions. She and her Corgi, Bumble, engage in weight pull, rally, and conformation events. With her Malinois, Petra, Heather competes in French Ring, and her Borderwhippet, Reuben, enthusiastically participates in Dock Diving and Disc competitions. Heather's philosophy revolves around teaching both dogs and their owners to coexist with pragmatic expectations, bringing out the best qualities in each dog and allowing them to shine. For her, the essence of training lies in equipping dogs to thrive in the human-created world while ensuring their social, emotional, mental, and physical needs are met.

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Future Forecast

Looking ahead five years, Heather envisions herself on an 11-acre property in Colorado, gradually transforming it into a haven for dog trainers. Her ambitious plans include adding a pool for dock diving and constructing an indoor training facility, which will enable her to host various training clubs on her premises. In essence, her aspirations are rooted in remaining right at home, as her work directly involves her beloved dogs. Heather hopes to expand her furry family, diversify the range of canine sports on her property, and nurture even deeper relationships with her clients. For Heather, there's no other conceivable way to live her life.


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