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Ryan K. •  Illinois

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Source of Inspiration

Ryan's passion for working with canines was sparked at a young age through his family's involvement with a rescue in Michigan. Growing up surrounded by dogs with severe behavioral or health concerns, Ryan immersed himself in understanding their behaviors, communication, and instincts. This early exposure ignited his lifelong dedication to the study of canine behavior and training.

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Professional Experience

With 13 years of professional experience in working with canines, Ryan has cultivated a deep understanding of their behavior and the science behind training them. He has worked his way up from various rescues to becoming Head Trainer, Owner, and Operator of several prominent training facilities in and around Chicago. Ryan's commitment to continuous learning is evident through his formal studies at Found University Chicago and his membership in The Association of Professional Dog Trainers. Additionally, he is certified in the study and analysis of canine body language via Pack Pro, further enhancing his expertise in understanding and communicating with dogs.

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Unleashing Expertise

Ryan's expertise lies in behavioral adjustment within the canine world, with a focus on special aggression rehabilitation, anxiety treatment, and socialization. His extensive experience and deep passion for helping dogs overcome behavioral challenges have earned him a reputation as a skilled and compassionate trainer. Ryan's dedication to understanding the underlying causes of behavioral issues and implementing effective rehabilitation techniques sets him apart in the field of canine training.

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Future Forecast

Over the next five years, Ryan plans to expand his impact on the Chicagoland area by establishing another training and boarding center. His goal is to further educate canines and their owners, providing them with the tools and resources they need to build strong and harmonious relationships. Through his continued dedication to the study of canine behavior and training, Ryan aims to make a lasting difference in the lives of dogs and their owners, ensuring a brighter future for both.


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