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Source of Inspiration

Amy's passion for working with dogs originated from her upbringing in Ohio, where she developed a deep connection with canine companions from an early age. Her journey into dog training was sparked in 2019 when she began working with a local shelter to rehabilitate aggressive dogs. This experience solidified her calling to pursue training as a career, as she witnessed the transformative power of positive reinforcement techniques in shaping dogs' behaviors. Amy's natural affinity for dogs and her desire to make a positive impact on their lives have been the driving forces behind her career in canine training.

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Professional Experience

Amy's dedication to her craft is evident through her certifications and training. In 2022, she obtained certification from the American Kennel Club (AKC), recognizing her expertise in working with dogs of all breeds and sizes. Additionally, Amy graduated from Petco's training academy, further honing her skills and knowledge in dog training. Her diverse background in grooming, administering vaccinations, and medication administration has provided her with a comprehensive understanding of canine care, complementing her specialization in obedience training.

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Unleashing Expertise

Amy's expertise lies in her ability to connect with dogs and uncover their individual personalities. She finds joy in making the training experience enjoyable and engaging for both dogs and their owners. Obedience training holds a special place in Amy's heart, as she relishes the opportunity to work with dogs to develop desirable behaviors. Her natural love for dogs and her commitment to positive reinforcement techniques enable her to effectively shape dogs' behaviors and foster strong bonds between dogs and their owners.

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Future Forecast

Looking ahead, Amy aims to continue her journey in dog training, leveraging her certifications and experience to help more dogs and their owners. She aspires to expand her expertise in obedience training and explore new avenues within the field of canine behavior. Amy's dedication to improving the lives of dogs and her passion for fostering positive relationships between dogs and humans ensure a fulfilling and impactful career in dog training.

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