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Anthony • California

anthony Wag Mates Academy Dog Trainer

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CGC Testing & breed for Doberman Pinschers and German Shepards


US Air Force Certification as K9 Handler/Trainer



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Source of Inspiration

After completing his military service, Anthony was offered a position to work with service dogs, which ignited a newfound passion within him for dog training. The experience of training service dogs and witnessing the transformative impact they had on individuals with disabilities inspired him to delve deeper into the world of canine behavior and training.

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Professional Experience

Anthony is a retired US Air Force K9 handler and trainer, who served 10 years with the military, training German Shepards & Belgian Mal's for explosive/narcotics detection, advanced obedience training and police response procedures. After an injury sustained on duty, he was no longer able to serve and was forced to retire, but a nearby non-profit that trained service dogs for disabled veterans was looking for help and Anthony was offered a position to begin teaching. Under the guidance of their Master Trainer, the programs consisted of Mobility/Balance Assistance, PTSD response, Anxiety/depression response, Pressure point therapy, advanced obedience, basic obedience training, specific task training & more for both adult and children k9 handlers and he continues these practices today.

Anthony currently holds certifications with the AKC for all CGC Testing & breed specialties for Doberman Pinschers and German Shepards, a US Air Force Certification as K9 Handler/Trainer, and he specializes in rehabilitation training.

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Unleashing Expertise

Anthony's primary interest and specialization lie in service dog training and rehabilitation. While he has a background in Military K9 training, it is his passion for working with service dogs and helping rehabilitate dogs facing behavioral challenges that truly drives him. With a personalized approach and a deep understanding of canine behavior, Anthony is dedicated to enhancing the lives of both dogs and their handlers through his expertise.

Wag Mates Academy Dog Trainer
Future Forecast

In the next five years, Anthony envisions himself continuing to follow his true passion and vocation: working with dogs. As he reflects on the incredible journey that brought him to this point, he is certain that his love for canines and dedication to dog training will remain unwavering.


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