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Jimmy •  California

Jimmy Wag Mates Academy Trainer

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Source of Inspiration

Jimmy, a dedicated dog trainer, discovered his calling when he realized the profound impact he could have not only on dogs but also on their owners. Recognizing the potential to enhance the relationships between owners and their canine companions, Jimmy embarked on a journey to not just train dogs but to educate owners to become better handlers.

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Professional Experience

With a rich background as a cane corso breeder for over 17 years, Jimmy's journey with dogs began in his early years. From childhood, he has been actively training his own dogs and has developed a specialization in mastiff-type breeds. Beyond breeding, Jimmy is an avid hog hunter, actively engaging his cane corsos in the field. His expertise extends to pet obedience and protection bite work training for all breeds, showcasing a comprehensive understanding of canine behavior and training techniques.

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Unleashing Expertise

Jimmy's true passion lies in protection and bite work, a specialization that aligns seamlessly with his focus on mastiff breeds. With a wealth of experience, he has honed his skills in this particular aspect of dog training, bringing a unique and valuable expertise to the mastiff community.

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Future Forecast

Looking ahead, Jimmy envisions a future of semi-retirement on a vast ranch in Texas. In his five-year plan, he aims to continue breeding dogs on a smaller scale while enjoying the expansive Texan landscape. His dream includes the establishment of a large indoor training facility, allowing for continued dog training endeavors. Amidst the tranquil ranch life, Jimmy plans to indulge in his passion for hog hunting every day, creating a harmonious balance between work and leisure in the pursuit of his lifelong love for dogs and the outdoors.


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