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Source of Inspiration

Carlos was inspired to become a dog trainer to help his retired narcotics K9 transition into a family dog. His dog struggled to adjust to her new life, and no trainers in his area were willing to assist due to her background. Despite the challenges and the stress it caused his family, Carlos remained committed to her, remembering the sweet puppy he had chosen to be his partner and determined not to abandon her.

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Professional Experience

Carlos served five years in the U.S. Marine Corps before returning to civilian life, where he obtained his dog handler and training credentials. He is a certified Patrol/Detector Dog Handler and has provided training to family dogs under contract with a national pet store retailer. Once he felt secure in his knowledge and experience, he offered his services to local companies as an independent contractor. Carlos has trained puppies and older dogs and has experience with various breeds, from small to large. He has worked with aggressive dogs and those needing rehabilitation and social anxiety cases.

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Unleashing Expertise

Carlos specializes in identifying the root causes of stress and social anxieties in dogs, which are often the origins of most behavior problems. Through his exploration of different training methods, he has found that positive reinforcement yields the best results. Showing compassion and understanding to the animal makes the training sessions more rewarding for both the dog and the trainer.

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Future Forecast

In five years, Carlos envisions owning a large piece of land with a kennel built on it. He dreams of owning ten dogs and boarding other dogs as well. Carlos hopes to teach his daughters the art of dog training, sharing his passion with them and building a family business. Having his family work with him would be amazing, creating a business rooted in love and a shared passion for dogs.


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