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Dyese • New York and Connecticut

dyese Wag Mates Academy - dog Trainer

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Customs and K9 Border patrol.

Certified through Anthony Jerone’s School of Dog Training and Career.

AKC evaluator


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Source of Inspiration

Looking back, Dyese recognizes that she first showed an interest in dog training as a young child, teaching tricks to her rescue dog to put on shows for her family, but she really identifies the beginning of her training career to have been in 2010, after bringing home a Labrador puppy with a high prey drive and selective hearing. Watching her dog run out onto a frozen river, Dyese was faced with a choice: learn to train him, or watch him die. 

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Professional Experience

In the months to follow, Dyese threw herself into learning as much as she could to be a better trainer for Nizzy and, by the time she graduated high school, Dyese knew that dog training had her heart. Dyese worked in several doggy daycares, a couple of vets offices, and other large-name businesses, but quickly found that she was never completely satisfied with the quality of care she saw the animals around her receiving. When asked about her decision to open her own dog walking, training, and boarding business in 2018, Dyese’s response is concise:.

"It was an easy choice: they deserve better than what they’re getting and I’m in a position to provide that."

values Wag Mates Academy - dog Trainer
Unleashing Expertise

From obedience to agility training and behavior modification, Dyese has experience in many aspects of the field. Despite a schedule full of private training sessions and board and trains hosted out of her own home, Dyese still finds time to volunteer at animal shelters, advocate for the well being of all animals, and is currently studying to improve her craft.

values Wag Mates Academy - dog Trainer
Future Forecast

Her long term goals are to expand her knowledge and open her own animal shelter in the future. Expanding her knowledge shows her willingness to learn and improve herself, while opening an animal shelter demonstrates her dedication to animal welfare and making a positive impact on her community. Achieving these goals will require taking steps such as pursuing education, securing funding, and navigating legal requirements.


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