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Shawn  •  Connecticut

shawn Wag Mates Academy - dog Trainer

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Leerburg University certified courses in obedience, dominant, aggressive dogs, puppy Socialization.


Puppy 8 wks to 12 months, leash reactivity, loose leash walking.


Basic Puppy Wag​

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Anxiety | Aggression Wag

inspiration Wag Mates Academy - dog Trainer
Source of Inspiration

Recently retired from a 30-year career in law enforcement as a police officer, Shawn's journey into dog training began with a rescue German Shepherd that had experienced multiple owners due to anxiety, reactivity, and aggression. The pivotal moment occurred when, under the guidance of his department's K9 Master Trainer, he started training Fitz. This experience ignited his passion, leading to certifications through Leerburg University and extensive research on modifying dog behavior through training.

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Professional Experience

With three years of experience as a dog trainer, Shawn has achieved certifications in various areas, including Puppies 8 wks-12 Months, Puppy Socialization, Aggressive -Dominant Dogs, Beginner and Intermediate Obedience, Leash Reactivity, and Loose Leash Walking. His professional journey began in law enforcement, where he acquired valuable skills that now contribute to his approach as a dog trainer.

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Unleashing Expertise

While enjoying training everything from basic to advanced levels, Shawn has a particular affinity for working with dogs displaying reactivity towards other dogs, addressing all leash walking issues, and providing advanced recall training. His specialization covers a range of areas, reflecting a comprehensive approach to dog training.

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Future Forecast

Looking ahead, in the next 5 to 10 years, Shawn envisions continuing to contribute to the well-being of families by helping them fulfill their dreams of having a happy, confident, and thinking dog. This long-term goal reflects his commitment to ongoing growth and making a positive impact in the field of dog training.


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